Quick protection for public wifi access

Probably you’re a kind of person who makes use of public wifi for Internet access right? And you need a quick way for secure and encrypted connection through the unsecure public wifi. Here is a solution if you own a linuxbox somewhere out there.

If you own a mac open the terminal.If you’re windows user then make use of PuTTY app and type this:

ssh -p 22 -D 1080 -f -C -q -N username@your-ip-of-your-linuxbox

Then you have to type the password of your linuxbox account. Finally all you have to do is to go to your browser settings, change Proxy Settings:

SOCKS Server: localhost, port 1080

Picture 1The above solution is a quick protection and it has to do only for your traffic through your web browser. If you’re using any other app i.e. skype your data exchange are unsafe. Worth to mention that this is a quick solution, not an ideal solution for secure access. The best solution for using public wifi is a VPN setup, but you have to be ninja in order to make it work properly.

And for the story, my IP before:

Picture 3

my IP after:

Picture 2