Software Development Kingdom!

Dear human,
My name is Andreas and for the last 24 years I’m working in the field of software development as a Code Wizard and  Chief Bug Creator (CBC).  Me and my team we’re working on in-house and outsourced projects as well. We build software products in a variety of programming languages for mobile devices, web and desktop environments.

My Team

I’ve got an amazing team consisting of remarkable professionals covering a wide range of computing fields such as developers (3), graphic designer (1) and sys admins (1).  Moreover, we’re experimenting with new technologies and we build amazing things. You can try us… ;-)

Finally, I’m working as a part-time lecturer for International Faculties of British Universities such as University of Derby, University of Teesside and University of Sheffield teaching Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and Advanced Database Systems for Undergraduates and Postgraduates multi-national students.


If you need to build a successful customized software product for your business then you’re in the right place.

Businesses needs customized software solutions in order to gain agility. Software companies has specific employees that works for that company. The fact is that every software project needs their experts. Based on that principle, I collaborate and manage several professionals such as software developers, software engineers, designers, internet providers, network engineers, social media specialists, business managers.

I can build anything from a mini-site to a most complex software product. I strongly support business continuity and on my deliverables except the software, contains and an analytical documentation about project build.


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